Vision to the future

Over the period of almost three hundred years the history addressed Sestroretsk by means of different epithets, each underlining one of its unique traits: the city-arsenal, city-worker, city-museum, city-park, city-health resort.

Diligence and dignity, high morals, activity and firmness, kindness and openness of its inhabitants have been always claimed, and today these qualities are absolutely necessary for Saint-Petersburg – the leader of New Russia revival.

The government of Saint-Petersburg, administration of Kurortnyj area and deputies of the municipal council of Sestroretsk do a lot for improvement of Sestroretsk's environment. Each year you can notice more and more green gardens, squares and parks; stadiums, children's playgrounds and sports ground multiply in number and never stay empty. New kindergartens and schools, objects of trading and social sphere appear, and domes of temples rise high into the sky.

But it is necessary to make even more. This is the ending of gasification and transition to new level of heat supply, care of ecology and preservation of the unique nature of the city, as well as development of social establishments network and availability of city's infrastructure to all groups of the population and many other things.

Pure and cozy, buried in verdure and flowers, the native land of many selfless and talented people, Sestroretsk grows and develops. It will never leave indifferent anybody who visited the city at least once. And we believe that it is looking forward to the brilliant future!