Developing traditions

Founded by Peter the Great as an arsenal-town, Sestroretsk has been famous for not only rich historical and cultural traditions, but also for its residents. Many local dynasties took their roots in the 18th century, when the first craftsmen arrived in Sestroretsk in order to build the weapon factory.

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Revival of spirituality

Saint Peter and Paul’s church was constructed due to the efforts of many people and the Opening Day became one of the most festive holidays in the history of Sestroretsk. Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill – the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church blessed this church.

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Childhood and sports

Sestroretsk is known as a town of childhood and sport. It is rich in sport traditions. Many famous sportsmen lived in our town, for example, football and hockey player Vsevolod Bobrov, “first goalkeeper of the republic”, Nikolay Sokolov, ice-skater Alexander Panshin and many, many others.

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Vision of the future

Over the period of almost three hundred years the history addressed Sestroretsk by means of different epithets, each underlining one of its unique traits: the city-arsenal, city-worker, city-museum, city-park, city-health resort. Pure and cozy, buried in verdure and flowers, Sestroretsk grows and develops.

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