The foundation

Ancient people lived on the Karelian Isthmus, in whose south-western part Sestroretsk is located, for many centuries. The archeologists constantly find the remains of the ancient settlements at all territory of the Karelian Isthmus, and near Sestroretsky Razliv Lake and Tarkhovskaya spit, in particularly.

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Armory factory

In 1721 the construction of the fire-arms factory in Sestroretsk began. The same year the specialist of military equipment William Genin became the headmaster of the factory and the chief builder. The plant was built by battalions of Kronstadt soldiers of regiments that were sent to work “on the third of the year”.

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Northern resort

The end of the 19th century was devoted to the construction of Primorskaya railway, which connected Sestroretsk and St. Petersburg, and the building of health resort “Sestroretsky Kurort”. The railway construction and the health resort erection were headed by engineer and manager Peter Avenarius.

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Lenin's places

Sestroretsk started the 20th century as an member of revolutionary movement. Settlement Razliv was closely linked to the name of Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution. In 1917 Lenin hid from the police in Razliv in order not to be arrested. The places, where he lived, soon became memorable.

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In the XX-th century

Biographies of many famous people are linked with Sestroretsk. Unique shape of modern Sestroretsk cross and interlace riches of rich culture and history with the present, invaluable experience of veterans course of life with the energy and beauty of the youth directed into the future.

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