Northern resort

The second half of the 19th century was devoted to the construction of Primorskaya railway, which connected Sestroretsk and Saint Petersburg, and the building of health resort “Sestroretsky Kurort”. The railway construction and the health resort erection were headed by Peter Avenarius, the well-known engineer and manager. It is planned to install a bust of this talented man in the nearest future by the order of the Municipal Council of Sestroretsk.

Since 1900, when “Sestroretsky Kurort” was opened, our town has added to its outlook some new brilliant sides. The health resort turned into the centre of cultural life. The resort hall became famous all over the world due to the performances, classical concerts and amazing balls, which were held there. The lovely gallery, made of glass, was built parallel to the golden beach edge. This place immediately gained the popularity among the summer residents and was used for regular promenade.

The health resort eventually turned into a place where many Russian celebrities spent their free time. The resort was often visited by M. Gorky, L. Andreev, L. Sobinov. According to the legend Fyodor Chaliapin, the outstanding Russian opera singer, often gave performances at the summer-house, located not far from the resort entrance. No wonder, this summer-house used to be named “Shalyapinskaya”. Unfortunately, during the Soviet period it was destroyed. But Municipal Council put forward the idea to build the exact copy of the famous summer-house and put it up at the entry of Tokarev Street commemorate the famous guests of Sestroretsk. The new summer-house claims to be one of the marvelous landmarks of our town.

At present, Sestroretsk is known as a native town for many health resorts, rest houses and sanatoriums. All of them have got their own quality, traditions and name. For example, Tarkhovsky military sanatorium, health resort “Duny”, the famous resort for children “Detskie Duny”, sanatorium “Belye Nochi” and, of course, “Sestroretsky Kurort”.