Flag of Sestroretsk

The flag of Sestroretsk municipal formation was approved by the decision Nr.201 of Sestroretsk Municipal council of June, 24 th, 2004. The flag was included into the State heraldic register of the Russian Federation under number 1774.

Description of the flag of Sestroretsk municipal formation

The flag of Sestroretsk represents a rectangular cloth of white colour, with two horizontal strips of yellow and dark blue colours in the bottom part of the flag. In the central part of the flag there is an oak branch (it is displaced to flag top), represented on the emblem of Sestroretsk. The height of the oak branch makes 1/3 of the cloth width, and the length of the oak branch makes about 1/2 of the cloth length. The bottom horizontal strip is yellow and makes 1/6 of the cloth width; the dark blue horizontal strip represented as a wave running from the middle to the sides makes 1/5 of the cloth width and is located over a yellow strip. Sestroretsk emblem was taken as a basis of the flag. The flag of Sestroretsk symbolically displays the history of its occurrence and location. The relation of width of the flag to its length is equal 2:3.